Which certificates are there?

Which certificates are there?

The Certificates International is a system of certification made up of several parts. They consist of a certificate of participation, of engagement and of competence. They document the participation, the individual engagement and the competences shown by participants and team-workers at a project of the extracurricular international youth work.

It does not matter whether work-camps, international youth encounters, voluntary services, internships or observation programmes – several thousand young people take part and engage themselves every year in projects and programmes of the extracurricular youth work. In doing so, they acquire language, intercultural and social competences that are of crucial significance for their professional as well as their personal development. These gains in learning are documented by the Certificates International.

Three different types of certification are at the disposal of the user of this page. Their different priority settings enable one to find the suitable certificate.

I was there

Young people can prove that they took part in an international project with the Certificate of Participation. A description of the organizer, the project and its educational goals also gives outsiders insights into the project.

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Showing engagement

Was a young person especially active in the project? Have the team-workers already engaged themselves in an organisation over a longer period? If so, the Certificate of Engagement is just the right thing.

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Making competences visible

The Certificate of Competence International is an intensive form of proving competences shown by an individual. It makes the positive effects of international youth work apparent.

It results from a dialogue between the KNI-coach and young people and assists the latter in their getting to know their own competence profile.

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Christian H. (14 years old), participant of an international exchange project in Great Britain


This is the first time I have been together with foreign young people. I have learned a lot of new things during this week. For me it has been a special encounter, which I will remember for a long time.

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