What are Certificates International for?

What are Certificates International for?

The Certificates International document the participation, the engagement as well as the competences shown by young people in international encounter projects. They give evidence to what young people have done in a project and which learning experiences they have collected. The instrument illustrates the learning experiences, abilities and competences of young people and can be used for job applications.

International Youth Work promotes competences

International Youth Work offers space in very different formats for development, competence-building and the discovery of new aspects of human behaviour. Every year several thousand young people take part in programmes carried out in extracurricular youth work such as, e.g., sport, theatre or music camps, voluntary services, internships, observation programmes and many more. Perhaps for the first time in their lives they try to assess themselves and the cultural identity that has been imprinted on them, and they become aware of other persons’ perspectives and adopt them. The participants of international encounters learn interculturally in the true sense of the word.

Raising awareness of competences

They acquire language, intercultural and social competences that are of crucial significance for their professional as well as their personal development. Often the young people are not even aware of these competences since they are not acquired by way of formal learning but in non-formal settings. On the other hand, key-competences are increasingly being asked for in our society and the world of work.

The three Certificates

And this is where the Certificates International come in. They document in an attractive way the participation, the engagement as well as the competences shown by young people. With varying accentuation this is possible in three different forms:

» Certificate of Participation International

» Certificate of Engagement International

» Certificate of Competence International


Rebecca Wetzel, KNI-coach, Kolping Youth


The Certificate of Competence increases the quality of the international and intercultural encounters. What is very important for me is that the participant has the possibility for personal development and can learn to assess his strength better. Because of the Certificate of Competence International one becomes more aware of himself and of the other culture.

Louis B. (23 years old), participant in a German-French-Turkish dance project in Lyon


I have discovered new sides to me. I am more open. I dare to say things and in doing so I learn about other ways of living. You get away from everyday life, have to be able to cope with it, even if there are problems in communication, you must not give up.

How did the Certificates International develop?

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What are the Certificates International aiming at?

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