For whom are they?

For whom are they?

Projects for international encounters issue the Certificates International are issued for their participants and team-workers. The three different certificates serve for documenting one’s own engagement and learning experiences in international projects. They can be used for one’s personal development and professional career.

Young people engage themselves in different ways in projects of international youth work. Be it as team-worker in an international work-camp, as participant in international youth exchange, voluntary service, or as coordinator of an international youth project.

This engagement deserves recognition. The Certificates International can be used by sponsors for their participants and team-workers in international youth projects.

They confirm the participation, the engagement and the evident competences of the young people. They are suited for young people between twelve and twenty-seven years of age.

The Certificates International are a service of the IJAB. They are intended for sponsors of international youth work. They are an alternative to an organization’s own certificates of participation.

The commonly agreed upon uniformed certificates can be individualized by using the organisation’s own logo. With their use throughout the Federal Republic, they boost the visibility of the international youth work in Germany and illustrate its educational accomplishments. For easily issuing Certificates of Participation, Engagement and Competence, sponsors of the international youth work can create them online at this website.

Creating certificates online

Here you can create Certificates International easily and conveniently online. » start directly

Louis B. (23 years old), participant in a German-French-Turkish dance project in Lyon


I have discovered new sides to me. I am more open. I dare to say things and in doing so I learn about other ways of living. You get away from everyday life, have to be able to cope with it, even if there are problems in communication, you must not give up.

Konrad M. (19 years old), participant at a tutorial during his Voluntary Social Year (FSJ)


My character has become more pronounced. When other people ask me today if I want to party with them and I am tired, then I say “no thank you”. Before, I would have joined in – even if I was tired. Now I know what I want better and dare to say “no” sometimes.

Lydia S. (17 years old), participant in a multilateral youth movement in Poland


I had resolved to say more in group discussions than I have up to now. I did so and through this I have had more successes and more fun. The others here also told me that I have totally changed in camp, I have become more open.