Frequently asked questions

Who can issue the Certificates International?

In general, the sponsors of extracurricular, international youth work can issue the Certificate of Participation and Engagement International for their international encounter projects. The Certificate of Competence International is only allowed to be given out by certified KNI-coaches.

How does the online-creation of Certificates International function?

In order to be able to create the Certificates International online, the sponsors of international youth work only have to register one time on this website. Prerequisite for the registration is the recognition as sponsor for private youth welfare. After its activation sponsors can create and print out Certificates of Participation and Engagement on their own.

I am not a recognized sponsor of private youth welfare. Can I register anyway?

You offer international projects of youth encounter for young people and wish to issue Certificates International? If you do not have any recognition as sponsor for private youth welfare in your state, please contact us. » Contact to the project coordination Certificates International

Can the Certificate of Competence International also be created online?

Yes. As a new service, the Certificate of Competence International can now be created easily online. As a successfully completed qualification to be a KNI-coach is prerequisite for issuing the Certificate of Competence International, only KNI-coaches get an additional activation for this area. The authorisation to be able to issue the Certificate of Competence International is always tied to a particular person and not to the sponsor organization.

In which fields of work can the Certificates International be issued?

The Certificates International can be issued in projects of international youth work, i.e., in international encounters, youth projects with internationally mixed groups, work-camps and other international projects (short-term and long-term).

Does it take a lot of effort to issue the Certificate of Participation or of Engagement International?

No, to the contrary. These two Certificates correspond to a great extent to the (qualified) Certificates of Participation that the majority of sponsors already issue anyway. The online-forms offered are intended to facilitate the issuing of attractive Certificates.

How can young people acquire a Certificate of Competence International?

Young people can only acquire their Certificates of Competence International from KNI-coaches who have qualified themselves for issuing them. Information concerning the organizations which offer Certificates of Competence International can be found in our organisation data base.

How can I become a KNI-coach?

You register for one of the nationwide training courses to become qualified to be a KNI-coach. Current dates for courses can be found » here

Is it difficult to issue the Certificate of Competence International?

No, the procedure is modelled on the everyday practice of specialists, i.e., during the training-course to become qualified to be a KNI-coach the work-steps that are normally used anyway at work are intensified. In some cases, it naturally involves additional effort, because the whole process requires an intensive and systematic reflection with the young people.

How long does an international project have to go in order to be able to issue the Certificate of Competence International?

The duration of an international project should cover three weeks in the best-case scenario. If the duration covers a shorter time-period, a minimum number of hours should not go under 25 hours of working together on the contents of the project with the young people. Otherwise, there are not enough possibilities for observing their competences. If a project is suitable for the Certificate of Competence International is decided by the KNI-coach, he/she having the sole responsibility.

Does the Certificate of Competence International evaluate key competences?

The Certificate of Competence International evaluates through describing. However it does not make an evaluation in the sense of classifying into different levels or steps. The Certificate of Competence International is not an instrument of assessment. It follows a strength-oriented approach and points out what individual young persons can do well.

What do the Certificates International offer to the organizations?

Organizations can use the Certificates International for their image, since they can present their offers and contents of these in an attractive form – in addition to their other publications. Over and above that, the uniformed, high-quality documentation of participation, engagement and the competences shown by young people in projects of international youth work strengthens this area of youth work in Germany as a whole and makes international youth work more visible in society.

I am an advisor for Cultural Competence Certification. Am I also allowed to issue the Certificate of Competence International?

The Certificate International is based on the four-step certification procedure of the Cultural Competence Certificate (KNK) of the BKJ - Federal Children and Youth Education Cultural Association - and was especially adapted to needs and requirements of the international youth work. Both organizations have agreed on training and educational standards and recognise each other’s qualification requirements for becoming a KNI-coach and KNI-advisor under the prerequisite of experiences in the particular field of work. Further information can be obtained at the Certificates International project coordination.


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