Certificate of Participation

The Certificate of Participation International

The Certificate of Participation International is the simplest of the three certificates. It corresponds to the certificates of participation commonly issued by sponsors in international youth work. The Certificate of Participation contains a short description of the sponsor and describes the content and educational goals of the international project.

Developing and discovering oneself

International Youth Work offers space in very different formats for development, competence-building and the discovery of new aspects of human behaviour.

Young people experience themselves anew while taking part: In intensive group processes they apply their competences, change their behaviour and adapt their reactions.

Awareness of self and others’ differentness to one’s self

This happens for example when living and working in a new environment, e.g., the awareness of one’s self and the differentness of the host family in another country or while discussing suspenseful topics in an international group.

Who am I?

Perhaps for the first time in their lives they try to assess themselves and the cultural identity that has been imprinted on them, and they become aware of other persons’ perspectives and adopt them. The participants of international encounters learn interculturally in the true sense of the word.

A special experience

In the everyday routine of the group process – especially in a heterogeneous group with different languages, biographies, cultures, identities and perhaps varying social and economic situations - the participants experience their abilities and how flexible they are capable of being in order to deal with a new situation competently. When reflecting with young people on their experiences in international projects, they often describe their first participation as a special experience, which they had never made before – and this often leads to further engagement in and with international youth projects.

What does the Certificate of Participation International consist of?

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This certificate can be issued to young people who have participated in an international project. Since it does not go into detail on personal aspects, it can be issued to a whole group of participants without a lot of effort.

It contains a short description of the sponsor, a brief explanation of the work field international youth work, as well as a characterization of the project and its educational goals. The sponsor has the possibility to insert her/his own logo and to print out the certificate her/himself.

Looking at a model for the Certificate of Participation International

New blank-forms

The new certificate form has arrived! Just create the certificate you want online and place the blank forms in your printer. Whoever wishes to save printing-ink can order the blank-forms for the three Certificates International from us: nachweise@ijab.de