Certificate of Competence

The Certificate of Competence International

The Certificate of Competence is an education and training passport. It gives testimony in detailed form to individually demonstrated competences, which have been worked out in an especially developed procedure of certification. It can only be issued by certified KNI-coaches. Participants as well as team-workers in the field of international youth work can compile the Certificate of Competence International together with the KNI-coach.

Unfortunately, the Certificate of Competence International is only available in German. Being able to apply the procedure requires from those wishing to be a KNI-coach participation in a qualification training-course held in German.

You will find further information about the Certificate of Competence International in the German language section on this website.


Bild Feri Kopan

Feri Kopán, KNI-Coach, International Youth Community Services (IJGD)


Since having completed the KNI training course, I am running around with “a pair of competence glasses” which helps me to discover the previously unseen in persons who are active in my surroundings.