Which goals do the Certificates International have?

The aim of the Certificates International is a two-fold one. They make young people aware of their own strengths and competences and help to document these. Moreover they boost the international youth work in Germany and help to ensure its qualitative recognition.

Describing key competences

The Certificates International are intended to make young people aware of their own achievements and competences. On the other hand they are meant to facilitate their participation and activities within the framework of international projects as well to clearly illustrate the key competences shown thereby.

Showing educational achievements of international youth work

Through mutually agreed upon uniformed certificates, the image perceived of international youth work in Germany also profits. Sponsors of international youth work can mutually strengthen each other and can procure a wider publicity and qualitative recognition for international youth work.

Christian H. (14 years old), participant of an international exchange project in Great Britain


This is the first time I have been together with foreign young people. I have learned a lot of new things during this week. For me it has been a special encounter, which I will remember for a long time.

Lydia S. (17 years old), participant in a multilateral youth movement in Poland


I had resolved to say more in group discussions than I have up to now. I did so and through this I have had more successes and more fun. The others here also told me that I have totally changed in camp, I have become more open.