How did the Certificates International develop?

The Certificates International were developed between 2004 and 2006 by actors of associations, initiatives and organisations of international youth work in order to document learning experiences and voluntary engagement of young people in international youth work.

The Certificate International is based on the four-step certification procedure of the Cultural Competence Certificate (KNK) of the BKJ - Federal Children and Youth Education Cultural Association - and was especially adapted to needs and requirements of the international youth work. The result was a multi-part system of certification which documents in an attractive way the participation, the engagement as well as the competences shown by young people in international encounter and exchange projects. With varying accentuation this is possible in three different forms.

Following organisations took part in the development of the Certificates International


In co-operation with Mirtan Teichmüller,, and

Judith Egger, Bildung hochdrei, quality development, training, coaching

Coordinated by IJAB - International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany

Louis B. (23 years old), participant in a German-French-Turkish dance project in Lyon


I have discovered new sides to me. I am more open. I dare to say things and in doing so I learn about other ways of living. You get away from everyday life, have to be able to cope with it, even if there are problems in communication, you must not give up.

Konrad M. (19 years old), participant at a tutorial during his Voluntary Social Year (FSJ)


My character has become more pronounced. When other people ask me today if I want to party with them and I am tired, then I say “no thank you”. Before, I would have joined in – even if I was tired. Now I know what I want better and dare to say “no” sometimes.

Lydia S. (17 years old), participant in a multilateral youth movement in Poland


I had resolved to say more in group discussions than I have up to now. I did so and through this I have had more successes and more fun. The others here also told me that I have totally changed in camp, I have become more open.